Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


found enough money in my paypal account to rob peter to pay paul. ick. but it keeps the sites up meaning the many pictures on ebay will stay visible. i'll catch hell for it when doc finds out, but i'm hoping to temper it with all the things i accomplish today.

i went for a walk, took some trash out and tidied the house. i have a load of ironing to do. but hey, i couldn't leave my bed last week this time and today i went for a walk. not bad. i need to get better and make doc trust my word again. it will make life so easy. with my strangeness the past month or so, he doesn't feel he can trust anything i say. i get that. i would feel the same way. so really, only i can change it. and really it is just small things that roll into bigger things and it is all not needed.

unless something changes, i don't see the car getting fixed or registered. maybe in 5 months he can trade it in on something else. as long as he can get around, which so far he can, and as long as i take over shipping and money order making, things will go smoothly through the end of the year.

2006 will be the year of the monkey., that is. i'm too slowly working on coding the pay pal buttons, and i need right now to adjust the stuff . . . by the end of the year the site will be full and ready for the big time. right now kam316 has the layout and some of our stuff on it. if you go there and see something you want, email me, prices are posted.

and that is that in the middle of the day. i can't believe i got to noon without once looking at the clock. and i don't feel the overwhelming desire to lay down and nap/sulk.

i've also been working on doc's room. he's going to have to go through a lot of clothes, but then the rest go into storage and are out of my face. since i'm not decorating for xmas, that stuff can go to storage as well. i want this house cleared by the end of the year.

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