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i think the new medication is helping already. something is right because i am all full of energy and inspiration today. i even want to make books!

i'm still waiting for my check so i can pay too many bills. well, not too many, just enough to leave us grocery money. but again with heads above water and it isn't like i go out. heads above water is the goal for now while we adjust to doc's new payment schedule.

my houseplants aren't doing so well. the two snake plants in the same giant pot are thriving, but the ones in the record bowls aren't doing so well. i need to find something with shallow roots to plant in those. one has given up entirely. the other is still fighting like a green warrior. maybe i should try cacti, though that sounds like a bad accident waiting to happen. i picture jack with a snout full of spikes in return for his curiosity.

the winter is here, and i know this because i got my first admonition for not wearing shoes outside when i took B's coffee out to her. hee. we had a moment so i explained that even back east i hated wearing shoes and didn't let winter stop me. the callouses on my feet only really let the heat in, so the one time i do wear shoes outside is the middle of summer when the pavement is like a skillet.

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