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blogging v livejournal

i was doing nothing but selling in my lj once i switched over to my blog. i quit that after someone mentioned it because i felt kind of guilty for assaulting my friend list to nothing but ads. here is the time i mention that i have sold nothing since i stopped advertising on my, this here lj.

is there a connection? i really don't know.

blogging is a very no-love situation compared to lj. but then lj is at its most rewarding feedback wise if i am just completely enigmatic and we all know i'm not that. either way, nothing i say elicits anything near the unrealistic responses i want.

so i still haven't decided which is best for me. plus i've been keeping another journal on my hard drive.

the new year will bring more interesting things this year. 2006 will not be the same as 2005. for any of us. it will be better.

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