Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

question time

what is your favorite dish to cook? not the one you do the best, but the one you love to do. and maybe a little about why.

mine is . . . an old swedish family recipe passed down to me, "korean beef fritters". it has many steps (pulverizing the meat with a hammer, marinade, dipping and battering and cooking) and it always tastes better than i think it is going to.

i don't have a recipe, but i'll give you a go at the technique.

take some steak, doesn't matter what cut, should be an inch or less thick. beat the living snark out of it with a meat tenderizer, and you want this meat paper thin, well, close to it. then you marinate the meat in your favorite soy or teriyaki sauce with some chopped scallions, fresh minced garlic and toasted sesame seeds.

after about an hour in the marinade, take the meat and dip it in seasoned flour and then dip it in an egg wash and drop it into a sautee pan with the bottom covered with a thin layer of oil, you will need to replace the oil as you cook so it is deep enough to fry one side of the steak at a time.

since the steak is thin, the outside should brown about the same speed the inside goes to medium rare. take them out of the oil after about three minutes on each side and drain.

i have no idea the proper thing to eat this with except a lot of vegetables, a good stir fry works. don't try to slice them and plate them, you need to keep the coating intact as long as possible to hold in the soy goodness.

then take a picture of the mess you've made of your kitchen and send it to me!


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