Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

happy nipples

i am kicking my own ass that it took me 7 years to realize why the piercings weren't healing and what simple thing i could do to fix it. i took out the rings and put barbells in. they healed in two days. i have my nipples back.

okay, and here is the strange thing, my libido is back. i thought it was all in my head. and it wasn't. it was all in my nipples. i would get aroused and they would hurt, just a bit. just enough to make me not want to bother with sex at all. so i haven't been. for around 7 years (yes, take a moment to think of what hell the people i was supposed to be intimate with went through because it was never talked about). my libido is back, i'll be damned. i'd really gotten used to it being gone.

i'm just blown away.

added plus is that they are always erect with the bars in, so they rub against my shirt since i hate bras and don't wear them at home. i mean, really, goddess help doc. he has no idea what the hell is happening.

and i think it's pretty funny.

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