Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"childfree is good for people like you"

people like me. i didn't read the email from the cf mod past that sentence. and i didn't reply. i know they are rabid. but i liked some of the discussions. one thing i wish is that they would delete the last post i made that started a dialogue about attatchment parenting, since people are still discussing it in my inbox and i can't respond to it. i though purging post of the offender was par for the course when ejecting them from a community. that is the only thing in the light of the day that bothers me. and just shows how right you guys were.

so moving on, leeloo's paw is almost healed. doctor cyd triumphs! well, actually doc had the most to do with it. he cleans it and checks it. leeloo, who should be running from him has fallen more in love with him. i guess she knows he makes her feel better. she's become way more friendly to us since the paw got bad. but it never got infected.

i'm going to send doc out for chocolate chips. i'm going to make chocolate chip scones like my old chef zach used to make in pittsburgh. i've been wanting scones for so long. i know chocolate chip is kind of a bastardization of the purpose of scones, but it is so-o-o good.

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