Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oh god, not cat pictures!

leeloo has recently started acting very much like chloe. once aloof and at times cold to humans, she has started announcing her arrival in the room with a meow and seeking attention.

just now she let henry groom her. and now they are sleeping head to head. she hasn't let henry groom her since about a year before we got jack. she's even been cozying up to chloe and reluctantly letting jack groom her.

this all has me freaking out worried when i should be enjoying the cute. her paw is still free from infection and seems to be getting better. she had a sore on her but, but it went away after a proper cleaning (do not ever doubt doc's love for his cats). the litter box is free of suspicious packages and everyone is well fed and there has even been less puking lately (they hate the cheap food - this is the last of it). so really there is nothing to worry about. i've been reading the stupid pet owner community, so i'm paranoid. to the point of beating myself up over boo's diet of seeds last night until i remembered he gets fresh food every other day and doc buiscuits and puppy food along with the seed.

but really, for a cat that cares for nothing, this is strange, except to henry, who is just glad for a friend.

here, enjoy the cute:


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