Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

paper made. ha ha. i feel better now.

i also found among my ruined records the perfect one for kam316. i already have the backboard made and the paper ready, just needed a record. i usually don't give her stuff i make unless it is useful. the last thing was a necklace from my short lived bling-lite line. i figured a journal is always welcome. it is with me, at least.

in my looking i found a 12" 10,000 maniacs that is now a nice tight record bowl. billy idol and unforgettable fire will be next, though it will be hard not to keep unforgettable fire. i didn't remember this, but the LP design is on the label of the actual record. then again, that one may sell really well, and i have three by the alarm i know i won't give up.

jack's newest nickname is bean (black-jack sporknbeans). he has no idea why i keep switching it on him. i'm just as clueless. i'm still witholding affection from him until he comes to me. i don't want to bug him and it is the same thing the others do. so for reasons of fitting in, he needs to get used to that. he's not the kitten anymore, he's bigger than the chloe that never grew up. right now he's looking for a way to jump on my lap, the affection embargo is working. purrrr

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