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let the music play

when i work in the studio, i put on my headphones and tune into my camel cash CD player. when i make mixes, i usually just put the date on them, so if i want to see what was in my head at the time, i can look it up in the trusty lj.

last night i ran across the most schizophrenic mix i've ever made. i think it was music to not think of kasey by. until i got to U2's "bad" it was pretty good. i love those little arrow buttons on my cd player. so today i'll look up the date and see what the fuck was going through my head. punk and dance and torch songs and my god. it almost hurt to listen to, since i know how music catches my mood.

last night i also sat going through the new fire mountain gems catalogue checking out the jewelry design winners. i get some good ideas from that. just to be by myself.

then i got a headache that wouldn't be dented by lortabs so we went swimming. the pool was cold, since it has been overcast here lately. and so was the hot tub. but it was warmer than the pool, and i wanted the water jets enough to sit in body temperature water. doc even joined me, then a bunch of thin kids came in and looked like they wanted to have group sex in the pool, and i wanted to go home.

so i came back and took a hot bath. and then fell asleep. according to doc, i wouldn't get out and was nowhere near coherent. stupid seroquel, even at small doses, without the geodon to mellow it, takes over and eats my brain.

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