Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

strange thing

i was uber social at the store. got a discount, talked a woman who "so wanted to learn beading but was just too old" and steered her toward these swavorski crystal bead watch kits that are made just for women like her. a classy, quality product with explicit instructions.

then there was talking up the cashier (how i forgot my clay) because when i am being a real person, i will talk up my art to anyone, usually giving tips.

when i go back to work, i'm making michaels my first job. i know their products, except for the florals, but there are people in there who only work with the florals, so that isn't an issue. and i rock at restocking misplaced stuff. i'm anal that way. and if i can be social, i can talk to and help customers (also good at that).

it was going to be savers, so i could get the employee discount, but doc has correctly pointed out that the children and their parent's behavior for the most part there could only lead to my incarceration.

oh, and our cab driver spoke three words of english, and we were a complicated fare, therefore. drop me one place, drive through bank, come pick me up, go home. doc is having a cocktail, so i can only imagine how that all went.

i found my double down saloon zippo under the desk the other day. i've been so lost without it. i used my elvis one, that has the same shiny silver finish, but it wasn't the same. i tried my old grey one . . . nope. copper one. that one feels icky, i think i may fuck with the finish on it.

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