Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i need a bed
i am too old and out of shape for my futon
time to use it as a couch
and find myself something to sleep on
thus ends the cheap couch discussion
my futon rocks for a couch
maybe i'll take the futon atop doc's mattresses
and just put it on the floor.

but doc and i need to start sleepig in our own beds
i can't touch someone who is asleep
so when someone is in my bed
i cower (once i go to sleep) curled up in a corner
stiffness . . . and the body heat that man gives off
i love him but i am no meant to sleep with someone in my bed

this day gets more interesting
i have an appointment with the doc rev
doc has to get the car in the shop
i guess i'm cabbing it

i was looking at the collection of shirts
that have been given to me that are all size medium
lusting for the day i can put them on
and my tits won't feel strangled
soon, so soon

my inbox is full of stories of women who put on 40-80 pounds while on seroquel and as soon as they stopped taking it, lost up to 40 pounds. i find that encouraging. very encouraging.

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