Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

operation eyelet: mission accomplished (no, really)

the UPS guy slipped the eyelets under the chair on the porch.
i also got tiny hinges, i will be making hinged books!!!!

i have to get to michael's
doc is not willing, clutch is messed up
and he is tired and grumpy
and expected to have to stay home
and nurse me all night

i swear that popeye, spinach thing has something to it. spinach gives me a rush. like a nutrient rush or something. i love the stuff. i think i'm going to try V8 again. three servings of veggies in one serving is a thing i can get behind. and i'm always trying to get more veggies into me. i hate all vegetables that don't commonly have some sort of dairy product along for the ride. except for spinach (unless it is a raw spinach, avacado and fresh mozzarella sandwhich on an herby bread).

listen to me rambling about vegetables. i know i saw something in revelations about this and the apocalypse.
Tags: eyelets, veggies

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