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okay, and fuck the sincity mods. i just posted a thing about the gallery au go go show. a post about that previously got picked up by a local publication and helped dirk and the gallery. i posted the email announcing it exactly as i got it.

i was told that it wasn't clear what it was about. okay, tell dirk that his emails are unclear.


loopy, is this the comm that may have reported you for spamming about the live chat?

i hate to say this, but it was a much better community when carter/beatnikside was the mod. then it was worth reading to the papers here so stuff got promoted.

anyway, if you are interested in gallery au go go here in vegas, dirk has some great shows coming up.

here is dirk vermin's unclear announcement about it, as judged by the mods at sincity:

GALLERY AU GO-GO presents:

Next Show: Spaze Kritters Sat. Aug. 13th
Newcomer Cicifu (member of the 5 Finger Miscount) teams up with "long time heavy hitter" - K.D. Matheson and last year's winner of Best of Show- Jorge Catoni for a collaborative experience in art that you have to see to believe!

Media: Areosol, Acrylics, Fabric pen, Markers, Pastel crayons and Collage on Masonite panels.

opening reception 8pm-midnite - Show runs Aug. 13 - 31

Upcoming events: October - VooDooVegas (halloween Show)
November - Keri Schroeder (single artist show)
December - PussyKat Tattoo Parlor (art show & anniversary party extravaganza)

Gallery Au Go-Go is located at 4972 S. Maryland Pkwy #11 for more info call Dirk at 702-419-5681

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