Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i have nothing to say
this has been a very neutral day
i made a social decision, and felt pretty empowered
i haven't stirred up any mess
i'm putting off taking the stereo equipment off the hope chest
so i can get to the contact paper
and finish some of the record sleeve boxes that
are all stacked precariously atop my work table.
and we are all hoping for the eyelets today, right?
the beads were great, we saw what i did with those last night
now the hardware
then i'll have two more record books
and one in an old readers digest condensed book hardcover with the coolest cover i've ever seen on one of them. apparently one of the pressings involved really neat paper on some of the books. they had half the set at the thrift store, but only three were this marblized style, and one was beige and white, so i left it there.

in the new place we will have a wall of the CD holder photo frames i figured out a few weeks ago. i have enough jewel cases that the front covers have fallen off of to do about 20. then i'll hang them all asymmetrically on some big wall. we could fill a wall just with cat pictures. maybe i'll do that and stencil in fancy letters at the top of the wall "our precious babies". heheheheheh

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