Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

just clearing a few things up

- i am not agoraphobic because my parents live in the same town. i am agoraphobic. i am also fat enough that litereally the only clothes that fit me are old and have holes in them. okay? good

- i am not bothered by what is going on with the emails and my brothers. i am going fucking nutz at how other people are reacting. and especially doc, telling me how i feel about it and being completely wrong.

- i am not crazy, talkative, nonsensical, rambling, silly, or anything else just to bug anyone. not doc not anyone. this is how i am. after 8 fucking years you'd think he'd either leave me or shut the fuck up about it.

if i hear one more time from him how i speak in rythym like i am performing when i have not performed for four years, i will open a vein and bleed on his favorite white shirt.

and that goes for everyone else.

i have to move away because of some fucking emails?!?!?

i'd rather stay here in a group home. or on the fucking streets than to lose control once again over my life.

if i'm that bad, take me to sparks, and drop me off at the state hospital.

and fuck this world of fucking fucks.

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