Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

blah blah blah

i've already put in my 5 hours of work today.
i think i will be going longer

last night i took a damaged black wool sweater, cut it into manageable pieces, and using ivory soap and an unuseable sushi roller (dome dork had dyed it red, which bled, it is no pink), felted myself some black wool. it turned out cool.

i made a wristband with rivet snaps and a small butterfly applique on it.

i still have this platter on my plate to do today. i've decided to go with blue and scrap confetti and the mishmash of color. by the way, the picture on the cam right now is of that mishmash, and though you can't see it, the platter is sitting atop the paper so the cats don't have a confetti party.

someone sent me five squares of origami paper, so i'm off to find something to make of them. then i have that foil that i need to mount to paper and make stars out of, i'm making a pseudo origami disco ball for my room. because i can never have shiny stuff in my room.
Tags: ramble

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