Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

let it go or go with it or something

i'm giving up the fight with my insomnia until i see doc horton and we figure out how to manage it.

i'm just going to sleep when i'm tired and stay up when i'm not. dr. c used to say that as long as i got a certain number of hours a day (5.5) it didn't matter if it was broken up. and i'm not staying up past my sleepiness. even if i'm in the middle of something i'll stop doing it and go to bed.

last night when i was sleepy we went for a swim. the 10 laps (I know, i can't believe it myself!) i did woke me up for several more hours. they are always productive, so i can't bitch. the first thing that goes on me if i'm tired is my head, so i know immediately when i am past my stay upness.

the plants are doing well. the one in here is named robert now, thanks to a friend.

smoking bottles and tea lights are cool. i've built a shrine of my desk with them on the shelves above and on the desk. one candle for karlee, one for kasey. then the one in the window for all my special prayers today. the bottle lets me burn incense near me so doc doesn't get so much of it.

i'm happy. i like happy.

i've stopped playing video games. almost every moment is a productive one. it really is rather strange. but i like it. i could be like this for five years. i said that with the seroquel, and did nearly four on it and this is way better. we keep waiting for a sign i'm going over the edge, because i am just not usually this up kind of person. doc says i used to be. mwsmedia and The Pgh Leslie, did i used to be kind of hyper, always talking, millions of ideas?

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