Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

lets be honest

we tried our best with lorne, but that little dollar store plant was infested with some sort of gnat, and chloe ate it (the plant, not the gnat). jack ate it too. tried to dig it up once as well.

today when we went to the dollar store, they had new plants. bigger, healthier, watered within the last week, Fresh. so i got three. two snake plants with the straight up spiky leaves, one is dark green, the other is lighter green with yellow racing stripes on each leaf. those got my stone collection.

the third went into my favortite record bowl, i have to remember how i made it. it was round, the wrinkles had been pressed to the vinyl completely. anywho . . . it got another plant. i have no idea what it is, all i know is that it has dark leaves so it should be happy in my indirect light. to keep with the hip theme, this one is off center in its draining dish and sits on marble gems with big iridescent marbles piled in the saucer. it also has a scattering of glow in the dark rocks in the dirt to make it interesting at night.

so, here, of course, are pictures (of course) of our three new babies, collectively known as the lornettes.
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