Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

good week for finds and stuff i love

i found so much stuff to remake this week. plus i made stuff

i actually got a second tin pencil box at the dollar store, but it ended up having a tin shelf in it and the lower part was all lined. so that is being kept for my pointy paper binding tools. i'll still cover it but it will be a while. - $0.50

sign i found on my walk which is my newest collage canvas - free
i also found a small action figure and some various stuff to glue/nail/rivet to the sign

a shonfeld's dip bowl which is my new ashtray - $1

small box for decorating - $1 for 2

another small box - $1 for 2

an old book for collage material - $0.29

metal pencil box to be redecorated and lined - $1

three books to be gutted so the covers can be used for blank journals. no books will be harmed, i plan to rebind them as a larger plan for a matching shelf in my main book case - $9

new desk light, same as the old light, string lights stuffed inside a mesh bag from a camel rep at the bar, the bag doesn't melt even if the lights are always on. - $1 for lights

what in the world can i do with these? i embroidered a canvas henna bag and use it for tarot cards, but i keep getting these flat drawstring bags and i have no idea what to do with them. - free

a round tin i will probably use a steel brush on and then line, i like the outside shape, so i won't be covering it. - $0.50

two bottles for smoking bottles - $2 for both

10,000 Manicas "in my tribe" box, unfinished, it will be lined and given feet as well as leather hinges

bananarama record sleeve box which will get feet and is lined with paper that matches some of the colors on the box

three of the bracelets resized, i needed better pictures of them

plus i found big flat marbles to use as feet for the record cover/sleeve boxes. and i have enough leather to make hinges for the four i have already made and possibly a few more.

time to go play with the hot glue gun. beaded curtain and an assemblage to work on tonight. maybe if i work early i can get to bed before dawn tonight. =}
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