Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oh the pain

the pain is from the geodon
apparently when doc horton (he reminds me of the rev horton heat - how cool is that?) told me to eat when i took it, he wasn't fucking around. eat enough not to pad the stomach, but to give my bowels something to work with. it is supposed to get better, transitional thing. i now have a nice collection of fiber full foods, mostly featuring some sort of blueberry. so that is that and everything is okay and my uterus didn't explode and i am going to be fine.

doc stuffed me full of tacos for lunch. that should do the trick, eh? maybe i'll do red beans and rice for dinner (when doc gets home around 11 - that's dinner time) just to make sure tomorrow is a bit less crampy. i really never thought one's bowels would complain about being empty. okay enough gross stuff.

i just got up to stretch and ended up binding another book.

i'm mainly trying to get front and backboards made, paper cut and folded and poked (holes) so i can just sit and assemble them all at once. that doesn't so much happen. having stuff ready pretty much ensures every time i get bored i'll be binding a book. not that i mind. i just think it is funny, 10 days ago i was scared to death of trying it and failing, convinced i would do it badly.


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