Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


air conditioner leaks
we know this
we've been complaining for over a year
(the maintenance man just came up and told me there were a pile of workorders about it in our file that were never given to him - score one for us)
any way, it is dripping downstairs, and they are so crowded down there, they likely have the baby sleeping in the closet that leaks.

so that is why the stereo is on.
once the M guy told me they were playing their stereo to annoy me
(who tells apartment management that?!?)
and that the only solution is me turning off the a/c
i put a big ass bucket under the main drip
so they will be here tomorrow to rip out the unit, replace it, and tear out the closet and replace it
only four or five hours of no a/c
and we are not financially liable for any of it
and the people downstairs are pissed

yeah, well i don't like them either.
sorry this happened, but i just spent the last
three hours experiencing what i am pretty sure is salmonella
loud courtney love and low temps are called for this evening

i also puked up my meds. that is upsetting.

i wonder if i promised to not make any noise, if i could sit at my doctor's waiting room tomorrow. it would solve the no a/c thing and the matter of 7 hours between doc's appointment and mine and that i have no way to get there since he will be at work. i could just read and listen to my headphones.

yeah, i don't think so either.

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