Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

o w m y h e a d

i had a dream about me and the dane being extras on a movie that rollins was in. and she and he started hanging out and i got all pissed and then it turned into another jump and run video game movie. it sucked because it rang completely untrue. my dreams need A Good Talking To.

chloe was just stretching out her toe tendons on hank's box and he smacked her. yep, my big fat peace loving henry just bitchslapped chloe for touching his box. it may be time to remove the box. when they get like this over an object i get a little worried. they each have their favorite sleeping places, but sometimes out of nowhere one will get really fierce about a particular spot, and i make the spot disappear to keep the peace (chloe just got over losing a cushion she particularly loved, there was too much fighting over it in the middle of the night - so nobody gets it - no i was not raised by solomon, there was no splitting. there was no grey. there was yes and no - at least i'm ruining cats and not children).
Tags: henry, photos

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