Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

progress in progress

funny, those shelves both register as level. it must be the florals at one end that makes them look strange

some features i'm proud of:

- ribbon spools on silk leaf stem hanging from floral basket (florals purchased in a huge craft lot, cost: about 1 cent each stem)

- floral wall basket is a half round outdoor planting basket of powder coated wire (trash find)

- small jars attatched to bottom of flat shelf for easy access to tiny things (jars from a food gift basket from the holidays)

-jars and cans of stuff that i should use and forget about (recycled jars and coffee cans)

- hooks under smaller shelf hold jewelry and suncatcher stock (both shelves cost 50 cents at a long ago michaels clearance sale)

and my triumph:

broken wine rack paper holder

wine rack was a trash pick, stood upright and filled with rolled paper and frame pieces and eucalyptus too fragile to go into the floral basket

next is the wall of doom. i'll take a 'before' picture but i'm not posting it until i have an 'after' image.
Tags: crafts, photos

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