Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

remember the flame briefcases that were on sale at a while ago? if you got one, i just gotta tell you they are water resistant, so if you get caught in the rain, you will be okay.

learned that the hard way last night. i have a messenger bag filled with handwritten journals and letters and other things that i can't transcribe without going into fits. so i have it stashed and ready if i have time to grab one thing that is not a cat or hamster.

i keep other important documents in the above-mentioned briefcase, stashed next to the messenger bag.

inside, i knew that no matter how convoluted the place i stashed them, sooner or later either doc or i would spill something down on them. doc was the lucky one. he just didn't know it. he and S were sitting on the futon when it happened, and doc started cleaning. i noticed where the spill was and jumped up and yelled, "move" far louder than i meant to. i grabbed the items and ran to the bathroom with them.

i scared S. i heard him say quickly, "well, i gotta go" as i was toweling off the things.

no water got into either, the series of confounding zippers on the messenger bag are good for something, and though the water landed right on the latches of the briefcase, no water got in. i'm pretty impressed.

today i'm making a good batch of the new things. there was a picture up briefly yesterday. but the product sucked when compared to what i will be using the same techniques to make, so i privatized the entry. soon enough i'll have nice examples.

i've gone over my list of things that went wrong in the first batch and solved every problem. i'm really hoping the finished product represents that.

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