Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm thinking of joining
but that is for later
money now is spent and stashed

i made a metric ton of tuna pasta salad
and a deep brownie pan (the rectangular kind) with
tuna noodle goop
i meant to use tri colored pasta for the salad
and egg noodles for the goop
i blame the medication for what happened:
i put the bowl of veggies prepped for the salad into the egg noodles by mistake
so anyway . . .
can't concentrate on a thing
but chores are fun to do
i don't remember doing them afterward
so now i have a ton of food

and anyone who comes over for a nosh gets something with tuna in it
i hope S likes tuna, he's due for a dinner visit

the thunder started last night
at first i thought it was just me
but doc mentioned it
i was in bed so he told me it wasn't raining
not wanting me to jump up and rush outside
i don't know if it did rain
it was already all wet when i got up
and raining hard
it died down, but more clouds are coming

in a strange sort of what-comes-around,
i just submitted two erotic poems to an
erotic literary magazine
i laugh because (in case you haven't been following me the past 6 years)
i started out writing smut and modeling for foot fetish mags

i've been looking around for things published on the web
and discovered most of it is gone
one place that doesn't link to me, but credits me
is about the only one left
which frees me up to publish some others

working on three manuscripts
dear jesus do i bore myself
my future readers, who have the benefit of edited versions
of my adventures, will have
absolutely no idea the crap that has been cut out
i will be captivating and bat shit crazy
without all the details that go on and on

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