Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the last few words

i can see the discounting of a child's story because of the surrounding adults. i was called a liar time after time because my parents were above reproach. my truth was ignored as my parents were allowed to adopt child after child and abuse them as they had me. my siblings cries for help were ignored, because my parents were above reproach. my sister's suicide as the only way out of the abuse was covered up with her hedonistic lifestyle (she was fifteen and being pimped out to my brother's freinds, beaten regularly by my father, angry at his sons he was equally terrified of), instead of anyone bothering to look further.

sure, the mother of the defendant in the jackson case was worthless and ended up destroying what may have been a legitimate complaint. we will never know now. because the victim was stifled by the actions of his worthless mother. the DA never should have included the mother in the case. she was on trial. not jackson, not the alleged victim, the batshit crazy mother who ultimately did not look after her son and left him open to danger. the case should have been about the child and jackson. and it wasn't. whatever the case, this boy's childhood has been stolen in the name of jackson's missing childhood. and it never should have happened.

and if he moves here and starts up his old life i am going to laugh all the way to the razor blades. i will know that my fights are futile, my life worthless. yes, i am taking this too personally. i know that. bad timing. really bad timing.

and about male children owning up to abuse: my bothers won't admitt it. there are witnesses and they still deny it. even to take down my father, they wouldn't admitt it. that would make them homos as far as they are concerned. they will likely go to their graves never admitting it.

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