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listening to the jurors
maybe they should get together with
the baretta guy's jury
and the oj jury
you can see the sense of getting them all together in the same room

and all those fans. jackson couldn't be bothered to talk to them. nice. travel across the world and the person you are making an ass out of yourselves for doesn't care any more for his fans than he cares for adult men. you are not a victim waiting to happen, so you don't matter.

there were threats of riots if he was found guilty. where are the riots now? where are the children and mothers who have been victimized and haven't lied about it. why are they not in the streets? why are we sitting at our computers bitching instead of banding together in public to express our complete disgust? at what point to we get together in a field and burn jackson paraphrenalia in a huge bonfire? the court has failed, by not even sanctioning the man from seeing children. where were the culture of lifers with their defences of the chil-drun?

in other words: how long are we going to be content over this shit? bitching in a couple of posts and letting it go. a precedent has been set, and now how many children, especially male children will be coming forward about their abuse now? why bother, there is no point. easier to kill because justice will fuck you dry up the ass and never look back no matter what you do.

i'm used to being disgusted with the GOP and the executive brance, but the judicial branch needs some serious reform.

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