Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"Cydniey, what have you done?"

and when i'm angry i do stupid things
for example, in the chidfree community that i generally love, i ran across this entry:

It's Finally Ok to Make Fun of Him Again for Other Stuff
Michael Jackson: Not Guilty on All Counts!
From CNN
[insert comment on how now all the psychotic moos who fling molestation accusations like boogers have mixed feelings but no remorse]

to which an angry and unthinking me responded:

dont' forget the psychotic children who make up abuse out of nowhere and how evil that is.

god, how insensitive can you be?

i was a sprog once, i'm not proud of it, but then i'm not proud of losing my virginity to my father the church elder at age five.

thank the gods i was just a psychotic sprog and didn't succeed in taking my abuser away from the church and children he spends his life around.

and now i really hope it just passes on. it wasn't until i hit "send" that i realized i'd just opened the door to a flame war. god i hate how i don't think when i'm angry.

in good news: S brought doc a game for the computer the other night. it has taken several days to figure out the controls, and just now doc figured out how to get out of the elevator!!! he's so cute with his computer on the floor by the bed and him sitting there with his keyboard and mouse.

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