Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

{insert long informative meme here}

tomorrow is mail day!
i get to send out all the stuff being poor made me hold onto
tomorrow i am off the hook and the stuff is gone
then i can look at the bare spots
on the inventory board and plan accordingly

and cydniey of the shaky hands is going to try to etch glass tomorrow
just because i have the technology

- suncatchers
- smoking bottles
- tins
- tear bear kits
- scrapbook kits

almost time to get the new URL and set up the store

you have one month to buy something you've been spying on my ebay store.
when it goes down and changes over, the prices will be much closer to what the stuff is worth, as in more. my preferred wholesale prices are cut in half, up to 75% off retail.

consider it my changing business clearance sale.

i'm also hoping that the new store site will also feature the dane's art

since she needs to feel the joy of selling her art for fun and profit

maybe i will find a way to have several artists represent their stuff and coding their own stores, or me coding it for them so the payments for their stuff will go right to them. it is really a matter of paypal code, which would be easy enough for other artists to gather and send me. yes, this is a good idea.

doc talked me out of starting an lj craft community. too much. planning for the new store site, that's easy. and if i do it right, it will help everyone involved.

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