Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the bra

i have one bra that fits me at this size
i have lost it
now, personally i could be happy
almost never wearing one
in the desert they are sophisticated
strangulation devices
especially when wrapped around back fat
but everytime i go without a bra
i must tolerate middle aged,
dentally challenged men either
coming out and telling me i have no bra on
(what woman would not notice this herself and need a stranger to tell her?)
or walking into things (like doc) from staring at
the phenomenon of unharnessed natral breasts.
and i can't take that.
i get violent
i have to be dragged away, tits a'floppin
grrr . . . i'll just wear the tight tank top
that ties the beasties down to my body
and a nice hot tshirt over that
and you know, mastectomies are
almost a tradition in my family, so
i've always known there may come a day
when i no longer have the breasts
and i still can't bring myself to like them
i didn't want them this big
i never wanted tits
i don't even like tits
but i have to bow to them in order to leave the house
is this ridiculous to anyone else?

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