Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"trafficking in people is a modern day equivellant of slavery" --condi rice

REALLY? i had no idea.
stupid bint

and to the guy who thinks that condi's bringing this up will make saudi arabia and the united arab emmerates (sp) stop these practices.

this country's government has complely taken leave of their senses.
we can't get these people to provide oil or stop terrorism
and we think that ms. rice's speech is going to stop them trading humans?

can someone please tell our president this is not an episode of west wing?

oh, and what is with rumsfeld telling china they must move toward democracy? are we dictating the entire world now? how exactly are we going to get china to be democratic? and what good is it going to do us? democracy would bring working condition overhauls and likely move to pay people a living wage. if that should happen, big business in this country is fuckered.

which makes rumsfeld the king of the grandstanders.

and why is it not obvious to the powers that be that telling kim jong il to get rid of his fancy weapons is like telling michael jackson to stop hanging out with children.

i'm done

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