Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

hey . . . beware, m'kay?

dust off dusts another

in my day (i say that deliberately and tongue in cheek - though isn't "tongue in cheek" dating me just as much?) huffing was a stinky process. there were tell tale signs. this is really scary.

what is scarier is that 14-15 year olds are stupid enough to think this isn't dangerous.

i was nine or ten when one of the older boys suggested that instead of suffocate a grasshopper for his collection with an aerosol can of lysol, we inhale it because it makes us feel funny.

decades later . . . has the squashing of aerosol products in the "earth day" 90s also kill the learning of hazardous propellants? possibly.

the word "propellant" to me, brings images of gasoline and sharp bladed props on planes. so i just kind of put it into a "don't mess with" category until i got older and learned about it.

but then, i never understood huffing. i kind of got the nitrous thing, but i have really bad teeth, my life will be full enough of nitrous, i don't need to do it recreationally, more important, i'm never inspired to do it. other chemical inhaling just never made sense.

anyway, keep the computer dusting air cans away from the kids. remember how much more we knew than our parents about the "bad" stuff than they did? same rule applies.

then again, i wrote this while smoking a cigarette, so what do i know?

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