Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

today we told the world that we are not serious about our security, or at the very least, we are overly sqeamish. mr. cessna longhair should have been shot down. Shot Down. but he wasn't. he was warned and warned and warned and warned.

we also learned that all it takes to freeze time is to pull something like this. everything else has stopped in the MSM over this. like the world just stops when someone threatens us, beause we may talk a good game (well, no, we don't even do that do we?) but we really aren't any more safe, or better protected . . .

none of our homeland security is proactive. it is all reactive. and we saw today that our reactions suck. i say we, because i want people to remember always that voting is part of this all. keep this in mind when the 529 ads come out. remember that no matter what bush's opponents do, they do not have a proven record of fuckups on a national level, like georgie boy is building. nothing says we have to keep these idiots in power. how about we demand of our next congress that they take homeland security seriously?

9/11: they day we lost so much and learned so little.

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