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hey baby hey baby hey

i love this song . . . No Doubt, nonsense lyrics. doc hates it but not enough to get up and turn it off. and look, the bass downstairs that woke me up has stopped. they have got to know my noise reatliation CD as well as i do now.

now it's over, and the house sounds so lonely. 20 minutes until doc gets up, i have time for a courtney love fix as long as i keep it in here and not the living room. (note to self, always check to make sure you are only putting one CD in the drive at a time. that is not a noise you ever want to hear from electronics again)

i need to clean off my desk. if for no other reason, to uncover the nice but cheap color printer so i can use it. it has a full thing of ink and i have some assemblage stuff to print. things i can't find in magazines i have. a few of my own shots that i've been waiting to use.

i want to cover the boards of the desk, i just don't know what to use as a temporary desk.

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