Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

turkey reubens

they just seem wrong. i've always felt that, though two of the places i managed sold a lot of them. it just seems so empty without the sweet bite of the corned beef. turkey pastrami, i could almost understand, but then my reuben eating is limited to a deli in new york, as i don't like two of the components and just tried it because i was in new york city and the thing was six inches tall, open faced and even with a fork hard to eat prettily. while turkey has its proper place in today's deli, it just seems far too bland a meat to compete with even the rye bread.

of course in one place i was forced to make and serve with a straight face corned beef reubens on cinnamon raisin bagels. that was when i knew i had to get out of the east. like working in the deli of a supermarket hadn't convinced me in high school - chipped ham, or chipped (as in super thin slicing style) chopped ham (only slightly more appealing than really fresh head cheese) piled on wonder bread with white american cheese and presumably some equally distasteful (to me) condiment.

once we moved back east, i never ever traded my lunch.

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