Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Free by Concrete Blonde

I can break your chains
Crack your cage apart
I can tear your walls down
With the beating of my heart
And if you said I have no choice
I would tell you you're a liar
I'm not afraid to chuck this frying pan into your fire

I'm a million miles high
I'm a piece of the sky
Well I'm the purple in the rainbow
My my my
I'm like wind in your hair
I'm like the rain on the sea
Cause I'm free I'm free I'm free

Oh you can't keep me down
Put me in your place
I will never wear your 20th century pacemaker face yeah
You will never bleed
The spirit out of me
I'm flesh and blood, I'm real
I'm not your factory fantasy
No not me

really i don't post enough lyrics. but i know they bore others. it is one thing to play a song for someone and hand them a sheet with the words on it, but to look at verse on a webpage . . . the very structure of it makes people cower and duck on to the next entry.

concrete blonde is an exception, i will put those lyrics out there, because the music is mostly lost now. and not enough girls know Johnette Napolitano or her music and that is beyond a damn shame.

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