Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

right, a change

as i organize all of the sites i have a presence on so i can maintain them and keep everything dynamic, this one will become the blog part of my life. i've started studying hardcore and there is a lot of stuff i want to share. i'll also use it to ask questions of friends, and of everyone in general, i am by no means leaving. i think i'll also add some general photography of mine, with just the occasional sales stuff thrown in for good measure.

my friends page is alive now with communities of my various interests that you may share, so please check it out.

my regular, daily, dreery, mundane journal is at this place here.

creative things and odd reviews of sites and defunct bands can be found at my blog at this place here. you have to be a member to comment and participate in the forums, but if you are into any DIY endavour at all, it needs you. the community is small and private and a great sounding board and place to find collaborators and inspiration for your music, art, webdesign, writing, broadcasting (speeking of which, there is a weekly podcast that features indie bands and spoken word artists that is always looking for new material, CD formatt) and most anything else you can think of doing on your own and possibly, though not necessarily, to make a living from. lots of members are just interested in DIY as a lifestyle and hobby. so check it out.

and don't lose me. i'm also at and username "cydniey", so if you have an account, let's be friends. =}

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