Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

does there exsist a place on this planet that . . .

i will never hear the word 'jesus', except when uttered from my own swearing mouth?
i will not be preached at by what seems here a 'state' religion and be free to live my life without some stranger with a strange god putting me down

is there a way i can escape the christians without throwing myself on the mercy of some other oppressive diety?
i really think my psychosis will mellow a bit if i could just, like, move to a new land or something, where you can be what you believe in without the stifling presence of a strange and volitile god who wants nothing more than subjugation and misery?

i'm serious.
i'm tired of it
i don't currently want an abortion
i don't mind a little tit on TV
i'd like to be judged for my tangible shortcomings, not a lack of faith in what i see as a laughable excuse for a diety (this applies equally to all organized religions, by the way)
i want stores open past sundown on sunday, if you've worked that long on the sabbath, you've blown the day anyway
i don't want to take the word 'god' out of public places
i'd just like to strip proprietary ownership of the word, the idea of god

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