Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and they opened the floodgates

my long-denied writers block ended last night
i am relieved, so so relieved
i'd been hiding it with other endeavours
but i missed it

the washing machine is broken, really broken
once we pay the rent (late but all by ourselves!)
i'll lodge a complaint
soon all of the major appliances will be new
we'll have to stay here, regardless of the lack of view

oh, and if you are trotting down the bakery mix isle looking for something other than brownies to make, you may run across a boxed mix for an 'almond roca' pastry bar. if your pastry skills go no further than adding an odd egg to a mix and beating it, watch out for this one. the pastry is dry mix with butter cut in (and the directions say to use softened butter, never use soft butter to cut it into dry ingredients), then topped with a caramel sauce you must make yourself with brown sugar and butter (if you have never cooked a caramel from scratch, this is not the thing to break in the skills, the box does nothing to emphasize what volatile things hot sugar and butter can be), then baked. the caramel seeps and cooks into the dry pastry mix, making a toffee tasting pastry, then when it is done you sprinkle the top with broken almod roca pieces, easily the simplest part of the instructions. the outcome is amazing there is no denying it, i will be using it to wow people. but if you have no interest in mastering the finer points of boiling sugar and turning chunks of butter pea sized before it melts, leave the pretty pink box on the shelf.

poor doc brought it home, then had to make a deal with me to make it. it was easier than it looked on the box, but then i trained as a pastry chef, and i really don't know at what level most people cook. good stuff though. best served just a bit warm. would be great under home made vanilla ice cream.

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