Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

boy it is good to be english

$9 for nine pieces of wild mushroom shaped marzipan, plus shipping, oy!
if you are english, well, irish or scots as well
it is cheaper to fly here to buy big ticket items for the holidays
and transport it back . . .

the best deals are in real estate, especially here in the desert
we do that, it is always some region of the earth buying up LV real estate
i've learned that in my time here, and that may be all i've learned.
no, no wait, i also learned to close windows during sandstorms
and that even if you think your home is hermetically sealed,
you still need to dust every day.
but i've also learned that you can leave a bag of chips open overnight
and you never have to crumple the cereal bag in a farce of sealing
there is always stuff in walking distance, but no one walks
the roads are frelling huge, the street we live on is four lanes,
just because it can be . . . and the roads are perfectly smooth
except the center line, because it is marked with reflective tiles
instead of paint, so when you change lanes you hear bumps under the tires
palm trees are not native to this region of the world,
they, as everything else, must be shipped in
palm trees come in all sizes and pruning matters
roaches in the desert hate the inside, love the outside
so if you're from the UK come buy a house and rent it to me

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