Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm dreaming of a dirt brown christmas

watch as i fuck up all my good east coast karma:

I Love Living In Las Vegas!!!

The WeatherPixie

so, yeah . . . car comes home today
i can run and get a couple things
we can do meaningful grocery shopping
i can call the dentist and beg for more medication
i'm not in specific pain, and maybe i'm a big baby
but i am in constant acute discomfort
i feel like i've been to the orthodontist to space my teeth out
after a few hours, i just want a bit of peace
a couple more pills, that's all i want

i broke down and had a roast beef sub a couple nights ago
when i still had pain pills
i even ate it with mustard and pickles
bit wonked, was i?
stripped off the offensive yellow and green items after chewing and
swallowing my first pickle since i was three
the mustard was weak and watery, so it wasn't so bad
(the mustard i am used to is one that i make with water, mustard seeds and vinegar, there is no similarity between that and yellow stuff on my sandwhich, i can now personally attest)
funny al those years i cooked, and could tell mustard quality by smell alone, i would not eat it . . .
unless i made it and i had to taste it
i would smell . . . something they said i'd lose the ability to do because i smoke
i never saw proof of that . . .

i had a dream i went out
and for some reason, i went to cost plus
and we bought wine and a straw goat (julbok - scandinavian xmas decoration)

and we left as it closed and it wasn't until we were outside that i realized i'd forgotten the marzipan
gotta have the marzipan

just one piece, santa

i got another email from tripper
she sent a card to nana, which is cool
she sent it from out of state so it isn't traced to her
i plan to write to nana too soon
i'll likely do the same thing,
have the letter mailed from elko or someplace
we have no end of weird sounding places in this state

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