Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

so sick of your shit though
i don't put up with much and
i'm almost sure it's not your fault
but i'm a priss like that
and you get up my nose and
turn my stomach right round baby
just like a record left in the sun
get your hand out of my throat
i read your letter and i knew
right where you were and i said
"thank you" loudly that i wasn't there still
i can so relate to you
but i'm not so sure i want to
there's just so much shit you do
and i'm not going down with you

so tired of your voice now
but i'll keep listening to the words
you suck me into your thing baby
but i'm staying here, k?
cuz you get in my face and
your mascara is always running
just like a doll left out in the sun
get your head out of mine
i heard your song and i sang with it
getting each word right this time
so i can relate to you
whether or not i want to
it's all that shit you try to do
getting me to go down on you

this isn't about anyone so don't go getting your nose bent, i love you all to the fullest of my ability. my anger goes to fiction now, and i'm kinda liking what it leaves me with.
Tags: poetry

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